How the Rose Presets changed my business for the better.

Before finding these presets by Sven Malojlo, I struggled in trying to perfect my editing style. I always strived for a nice work flow and consistency in my editing but felt I kept coming up short. I remember the day I finally found the group and and fell in love with everyone’s work, and I also remember the day I purchased the bundle of the SMAL, ROSE and WILD presets.

From the beginning I loved all three sets of presets, but over time I found myself most drawn to the Rose set. was able to make these presets my own as they required such minimal tweaks and I really felt that the vibrant yet muted tones were exactly what I’d been looking for.


Since purchasing the presets over a year ago, my business has blossomed. I now work full time as a photographer and I am always told how beautiful and unique my photos are. If it wasn’t for Sven and his presets, I truly wouldn’t be where I am today.

Shannon Melek Meredith | Shannon Melek Photography

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