Finding Confidence Through Consistency

As long as I can remember, I have found myself drawn to photos with rich colors, deep blacks and beautiful skin tones. Before I ever picked up a camera, I would see images like these posted on my Facebook newsfeed. Friends posted their engagement, wedding and annual family photos. When I finally started my own photography business I had no idea what a preset was. I didn´t know how it could help me achieve that beautiful which had always stopped me in my tracks. Eventually, I found the world of presets. I was left constantly disappointed by purchasing presets which required an exhausting amount of tweaking. They didn’t look anything like what was advertised. I was frustrated. With both my work and the time consuming editing process and overall lacking confidence in my final photos.


I’m not sure who originally told me about SMAL presets. Somehow I joined the Facebook group and was blown away by the gorgeous images that flooded the page daily. THIS was the exact style I had been yearning to achieve in my own photography. I knew I had to buy these presets. The first session I edited with the WILD presets got me more attention on social media than any images I had posted previously. Finally my photos had the tones and bold colors that I’d been looking for!


Over time, I found consistency through using the SMAL original pack and felt like my images had a special edge. I still get excited when I apply SMAL presets and watch my images come to life on my computer screen. I like to describe my style as “true to real life, but maybe just a little better than you remember”. Thanks to these wonderful presets which help my photos feel more rich in color and dimension than ever before. My business has soared since purchasing these presets but the true gift is the confidence I’ve gained since finding SMAL presets. 

Laurie Larson | Laurie Ashley Photography

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